A fabulous Day Out for all the family in Meath

A beautiful place to Visit in Meath

Walking, dreaming, exploring. Visit hidden treasures inside and out perfect for all ages. Where fairies abound
in the gardens and where St. Oliver Plunkett started his life. The ruins of his church stand ahead of the Limetree avenue
nestled beside the Limetree Coffee Shop with treats and healthy options for all. In the garden of the coffee shop
you can see in the distance the original pillars of the old house which was designed by one of the most famous architects
Charles Cockerell.

You come away full of imaginative ideas and a feeling of restored energy.

The Gardens

Experience the charm of Loughcrew’s timeless gardens as you embark on a leisurely stroll through a captivating and harmonious environment, perfect for a memorable day out with your loved ones. Discover a plethora of delights that cater to visitors of all ages. Children will be enchanted by our enchanting Fairy Trail, while gardening enthusiasts will delight in exploring the stunning variety of trees and plants that adorn the grounds.

Coffee Shop

At Loughcrew, the Limetree Coffee Shop extends a heartfelt welcome, providing a cozy haven and nourishment for famished adventurers, garden enthusiasts, and those seeking a delightful indulgence. Delight in the exquisite flavors of ethically sourced coffee, relish in the cakes that are lovingly crafted, and savor  our locally sourced ingredients in our homemade lunches. We take pride in delivering high-quality cuisine accompanied by warm and hospitable service.

Family Day Out

The Fairy Trail is an exciting interactive sensory trail which gets children exploring Loughcrew Gardens and it is now open all year round!

To complete the treasure hunt-style trail, they will get an activity booklet and map and will have to solve clues and answer questions in order to get to the next part of it. Fairy houses, giant ants and a fairy forest await!

There is plenty of room for children to play on the garden’s lawns at Loughcrew.

Children are welcome to bring their bikes and if they get a little peckish, the coffee shop will satisfy all appetites. There is a little play area next to the coffee shop too.

St. Oliver Plunkett's Church

The 17th-century Saint Oliver Plunkett’s church remains intact in the Loughcrew estate, bearing witness to its rich history. Within the estate, you can also find the tower house where Plunkett’s family resided before Oliver Cromwell claimed the estate in 1641, reportedly causing damage to the church roof.


Loughcrew offers a wide range of different walks on offer which will take you over a range of different vistas including woodland, lakes and ponds, rolling hills and curated landscape gardens.

Choose from multiple trails or explore landscape gardens for varied vistas and preferred terrain. Gardens are great for buggies, families, and flat terrain lovers, while adventure and lakeside trails offer more challenge.

Loughcrew Megalithic Cairns

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