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at Loughcrew Estate

Lewis Carroll created Alice in Wonderland in 1865 and is one of the most visual, iconic and imaginative dream narrative celebrated across generations. It has been interpreted through film, theatre, dance, comics and many other media and has already been established in Loughcrew Gardens through a range of different sculptures and hidden features.

With its connection to the gardens, it is the perfect theme for this years Lightscape as it offers incredible visual avenues to cater for the imagination of everyone in the family. We will update thoughout the year as we continue to develop towards the illuminated dreamscape that will be Lightscape 2021.



f you are looking to join a class and meet others in a safe, socially distanced natural environment then have a look at our class timetable below. Choose the best time that suits your schedule and we will do our best to fit you in.

Adult classes run for 60 minutes a session and cost €17 per individual. Discounts are available if multiple classes are booked and large group discounts are also available. Private classes are available starting with a 4 person minimum per class.



Children’s classes can be arranged with accomanying parents or for the kids to enjoy as a group by themselves. With plenty of experience working with kids who are new to yoga, to those who are veterans, these classes breath a fresh breath of air into a new generation interested in health, movement and enjoyment.

Our teacher is fully certified in child protection, can take children from 6 years and up. These classes run for 45 minutes.