at Loughcrew Estate

Let your feet do

the talking

Loughcrew offers a wide range of different walks on offer which will take you over a range of different vistas including woodland, lakes and ponds, rolling hills and curated landscape gardens.

There are several trails to choose from or if you are looking for something more free footed why not wander around the landscape gardens at your leisure. There are a wide range of vistas on offer and you can choose the terrain you are comfortable with. The gardens is ideal for buggies, families and anyone looking for flat terrain while the adventure trail and lakeside walking trail can offer a bit more of a challenge.

There are also some amazing walks nearby as you can ascend the Loughcrew hills and visit the ancient cairns overlooking the gardens. Steeped in history comparable to the Egyptian pyramids, the Cairns are a testament to Ireland’s rich past, whose secrets we are still yet to uncover.


the trails…

The Adventure Trail

A magical adventure starting at the Limetree Coffee shop, down through the historic Loughcrew Gardens and into the mystical woodland trail. Embrace the different terrain as you embark on an easy walk and look out for the dfferent creatures in the beautiful natural surroundings.

The Lakeside Walk (Coming Soon)

Are you looking to stretch your legs a bit more, then go for a trek to the lakeside covering a range of landscapes and embracing nature. The trail is perfect for a picnic setting with plenty of picturesque viewpoints where you can refuel on your journey.