St. Oliver Plunkett’s Church

The Plunkett’s Ancestral Home

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A Place of Historic, 

Religious and Visual Importance

Saint Oliver Plunkett’s church which dates back to the 17th century still stands within the grounds of Loughcrew estate. His family lived on the estate, in a tower house attached to the church, before the estate was taken by Oliver Cromwell in 1641 – it is said that he destroyed the church roof.

Born at Loughcrew in 1625, Oliver spent the first 22 years of his life here and prayed in the family church. One can imagine the young Oliver, playing in the gardens, swinging from the boughs of the ancient yews, fishing in the garden stream, helping out in the garden corn mill and walking up to the 5000 year old Cairns to wonder upon the faith of those who had built them.

It’s easy to see why the spiritual nature of Loughcrew must have launched the young Oliver on his journey to priesthood and eventual martyrdom. Mass is celebrated every 1st of July at the church in memory of Saint Oliver’s death in 1681.

Come and visit Loughcrew and experience for yourself this unique place full of history, spirituality and beauty, and see for yourself Saint Oliver Plunkett’s church and home.

A Wedding Venue

with a difference

St. Oliver Plunkett’s family church has shown that it’s unique charm is a faviourite for those looking to tie the knot in style. With an open roof and surrounded in a bowl of nature the church provides a picturesque setting to reveal your ceremony to your nearest and dearest in style.

The church is also at the heart of Loughcrew Historical Gardens which provides the perfect backdrop for some incredible wedding shots as well as the opportunity for your guests to mingle as they enjoy the vistas on offer.