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Loughcrew is Ireland’s premier Adventure Centre based just minutes from Oldcastle, County Meath and only an hours drive from Dublin. We provide a day that will live long in the memory!

We cater for every group from families, birthday parties and school tours to corporate businesses, sports clubs, hen parties, and stag parties. No matter your age or the occasion, we have something for you at Loughcrew Adventure Centre.

A Half Day in our adventure centre includes 3 activities of your choosing spread out over 3 hours on the course. A Full Day of activities on the adventure course includes up to 6 activities over a 5 hour period on the course. Don’t worry if it’s raining, snowing or sun shining, at Loughcrew we make the best of all weather and promise you a day too remember.

Browse over our list of Activities below to see which ones take your fancy the most and Book Today!

Remember to bring some old clothes, old shoes as well as a towel because things can get mucky quickly during some of our activities! Spare clothes and shoes are a must unless you want to get your cars nice and dirty!

Loughcrew Adventure Centre, Oldcastle, Co Meath

“Brilliant, amazing, fantastic, lots of fun even though it was wet & muddy (which made it more fun). Thrills, laughter, messing & mud, a day of great memories the children will treasure. This trip is very relaxing & teacher friendly.
I’d definitely bring another group.”

O’Growney National School, Athboy

Activities & Rates

All activities are available in both our Half Day and Full Day packages.

Half Day includes at least 3 activities with possibly more, depending on scheduling and group size.

A Full Day will involve at least 6 activities with possibly more subject to the same conditions.

Specific activities that the group would like to prioritize can be arranged on the day of event.

  • Full Day : Adult
    • inc 6 Activities

  • Full Day : Child
    • inc 6 Activities

  • Half Day : Adult
    • inc 3 Activities

  • Half Day : Child
    • inc 3 Activities

Hen & Stag Do’s

Hen Parties

For our GI Jane themed hen parties our Instructor will outfit the bridal battalion in military attire before embarking on the assault course, shooting arrows for a mystery man, flying down the zip line, climbing the tower to ring the chapel bell and carrying the bride to be across to the island. When you have finished all the challenges celebrate with a complementary glass of champagne.

Stag Parties

Bring your Stag Party to Loughcrew for outdoor action. You will get military outfits to get down and dirty on the adventure course. Have a shot at the mystery woman, climb the tower and fly down the zip before carrying the Stag across the pond (or dumping him in!).

For bookings or enquiries: +353 49 854 1356 / +353 49 854 1060. Alternatively e-mail us or use our contact form.

Corporate Team Building

If you’re looking for that special place to host your company’s work party then look no further than Loughcrew. We can offer special corporate packages tailored to your requirements. Are you looking for a day of team building activities in the most magical spot in Ireland?

Loughcrew provides a range of outdoor activities which are proven to help build trust in your team, to overcome obstacles and to improve out-of-the-box creativity. Our experienced instructors will work with you to revitalize and galvanize your team through tailor-made programmes. We specialise in creating a unique atmosphere for small corporate groups who want to experience a more relaxed and private occasion; coming to Loughcrew is committing to the well-being and productivity of your team.

Looking for a day out for your team? We can offer a full team building session to improve team bonding and leadership skill though our different challenges. Loughcrew House has conference room facilities perfect for large groups to mix some serious work with fun on the adventure centre.

For bookings or enquiries: +353 49 854 1356 / +353 49 854 1060. Alternatively e-mail us or use our contact form.

Team Building Adventure and Activity Centre
Sports Clubs Team Building Sessions & Alternative Activities
Loughcrew Adventure Centre, Oldcastle, Co Meath

Sports Clubs

During off-season, treat your players & support staff to a reward for all the hard work, determination and time they put in during the season. This shows encouragement and helps them prepare for the year ahead.

Preseason is arguably the most important part of the year for any team, as it is here that you set down your benchmark for the year ahead and it is during the preseason that it is vital to get the fundamentals right. By bringing your players to Loughcrew you are helping to cement the comradery of your players and giving them a stepping stone upon which you can build your year on.

Mid-season, bring your players to Loughcrew to give them a chance to recuperate, and treat them to a little bit of fun. Our team building activities encourage team mates to communicate better, instill leadership qualities, improve team cooperation and fine-tune time management – all vital components of successful teams.

For your Club Trip we can alter the schedule to focus on team building, just having fun or a combination of both. We have based a massive part of our course on the fundamentals of team work and team building, a key component in the success of any team or club. For more details regarding our team building activities check out the Forest Crystal Maze, Witches Ropes Course and Crannog Challenge.

Families & Individuals

Are you looking for that special activity holiday to have in Ireland? If so Loughcrew has everything that an activity holiday could want, a family holiday for all ages. An activity holiday that everyone can look forward to and experience and memories that will live long with those who partake in it.

We have activities that suit family members of all ages on our adventure course, young and old, with experiences they will never forget. If you are looking for accommodation then why not stay in the luxurious Loughcrew House which sleeps up to 17 people (with additional bedding on request).

Loughcrew Adventure course contains everything that you could want or need on an activity holiday in Ireland for a family. We cater for minimum group sizes of 5 and minimum group ages of 8 years old. We have no minimum requirement numbers for a Full or Half Day on Saturdays and Sundays.

For bookings or enquiries: +353 49 854 1356 / +353 49 854 1060. Alternatively e-mail us or use our contact form.

School Tours

At Loughcrew, school tours are a specialty. We offer a great day for all involved, including the teachers! Loughcrew Adventure Centre is situated in the historic Loughcrew estate featuring the birth place of Saint Oliver Plunkett making it the perfect location for a fun and educational school tour.

The Activities

From ziplining and rock climbing to team building games, water activities and brain teasers, we have it all. We will split up your class into groups so time spent waiting for an activity is minimal.

For The Teachers

Teachers can relax in the Limetree Coffee Shop and enjoy a complementary tea/coffee and scone while our fully trained and qualified instructors take the children off to have fun and get very muddy. Teachers are also welcome to join in for free in any or all the activities.


Why not make the day educational as well as fun? In the same grounds are the 17th century Historic Gardens as well as the family church of St Oliver Plunkett. Just a few minutes drive away are Loughcrew Cairns, huge passage tombs built over five thousand years ago. We are the holders of the keys which enable you access inside the tombs themselves!

Loughcrew Adventure Centre, Oldcastle, Co Meath

For bookings or enquiries: +353 49 854 1356 / +353 49 854 1060. Alternatively e-mail us or use our contact form.

Parties & Celebrations

Birthday parties are a must for all ages! We cater for your every need. Come and do your favourite adventure activities with your friends, then enjoy a cake baked by Helen Makey who bakes all the tasty homemade cakes that can be found in the Limetree Coffee Shop.

For a private party you can rent out the Mill House and bring whatever you want for a party. Just because you’re growing old doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. We have had 21st’s, 30th’s and 40th’s here. Still don’t feel like getting outdoors and running around? Think about renting Loughcrew House for the night and have a Murder Mystery party there!

Loughcrew Estate - Birthday Parties & Family Celebrations
Loughcrew Estate - Birthday Parties & Family Celebrations

For bookings or enquiries: +353 49 854 1356 / +353 49 854 1060. Alternatively e-mail us or use our contact form.

Climb 16 metres high to our departure platform, strap in, lift your feet, and enjoy the next 100 metres of effortless fun as you Zip through a canopy of trees into our forest.

Get harnessed in, clipped onto your rope, and embark on a 20 foot climb. With three distinct routes, the difficulty is up to you. Choose an easy ascent or a challenging physical test. Once reaching the top, hold onto your rope for a smooth abseil down.

Test your accuracy against a friend by shooting at our two helpless targets!

Trust your senses? Try our mystery route through the forest blindfolded. Hold the rope, don’t let go, and no peeking!

Work together as a team to deliver the witch’s potion across a mix of roped obstacles and beams. Don’t spill the potion!

Prove who is the fittest with a challenging race through various obstacles, mud and water.

Take part in an engaging selection of water based games as you attempt to traverse our pond, using lateral thinking and placing trust in your friends.

Test your strength, balance, and endurance on our lone ranger rope’s course, including a rope swing, tyre swings, balance beams, and a tight-rope walk touching the surface of a water-filled pit below.

This one requires balance, strength, and determination (not to laugh). Two people go head to head in a pursuit to reach their opponent’s side across a tight-rope slack line. However, there are some less honorable ways to win…for those who can hold on the longest.

Opening Times

  • 10:00am for “Full Day” activities
  • 10:00am – 2:00pm for “Half Day” activities

If those times don’t work for your group we can arrange a time that suits you!

When booking, please inform us of any medical issues. On the day of event, please also inform your facilitator of this information.

  • Minimum group number: 4 people (Half Day), 6 people (Full Day)
  • Maximum group number: 90 people
  • Minimum age for the adventure course is 7 years old
  • You can also order food to have with your day in advance or else get something to eat in our Coffee Shop
  • Sandwiches and drink: from €6 per person
  • Soup and sandwiches: from €7 per person
  • BBQ/Party food: from €10 per person

Preparation for your visit

We strongly recommend that you bring the following items for your day of Adventure:

  • A full change of clothes including shoes
  • Towel and baby wipes
  • Bottle of water
  • Plastic bag for dirty clothes

Note: We have no showering facilities on site.

Any valuables can be protected by your instructor/facilitator on the day. Alternatively, we recommend leaving them in your vehicle.

Accommodation Options

The historic Loughcrew House is right beside our adventure course and is perfect for large groups.

Our Location

Loughcrew Gardens
Co. Meath
+353 49 854 1356  |  +353 49 854 1060

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