Loughcrew Gardens, Oldcastle, Co. Meath, Ireland
Tel: +353 49 854 1356 / 49 854 1060

Nature Walks

The Lake Walk is about four kilometers long and can take anywhere between one 1 hour 45 minutes and 2 and a half hours. The path is marked with red fairy arrows. Please take care to open and close all gates.

Follow the red fairy arrows from St. Oliver Plunkett’s family church, walk past the portico and enter the woods through the rockery. The arrows will guide you through winding paths in the woods and to Lough Creeve. En route, you will pass beautiful rhododendrons, a fairy fort and stunning vistas. Upon reaching the lake, walk along the lake side, admire the crannog and then head back to the gardens along the paths.

Nature Walks for Adults and Children

People of all ages have a natural awe and wonder at nature and enjoy exploring it.

Open to all ages

The walk offers the following:

  • Nature Appreciation
  • Plant and Flower Identification and Mythology
  • Insect Catching and Identification
  • Treasure Hunt in the Loughcrew Gardens
  • Use of Microscope to Examine Specimens
  • Tree Identification
  • Team Building
  • Ecology Study of Woodlands

The cost is €6 per person

The walks will take place in June, July and August in Loughcrew Gardens starting from Loughcrew Coffee Shop near Oldcastle.

Contact Cathleen Brady BSc on 086 351 9167.