Loughcrew Gardens, Oldcastle, Co. Meath, Ireland
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Guided Walks

Summer Walk for Children at Loughcrew Gardens

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Children learn to explore and play absorbing the world around them through their five senses. They as Maria Montessori put it are ‘spontaneous observers of nature who need to be free to play thus the can reveal themselves. They flourish when space is limitless’.
Loughcrew gardens offer children a wonderland of discovery from clear bubbling streams, barks of trees with distinct textures to touch, the smell of flowers, and the rich taste of a freshly made hot chocolate! There are objects of interest at every corner,and places like St Oliver Plunkett’s church that shows children a world that has passed. The variety of trees from the native Oak to the ancient cherished Yews have bestowed on children through the centuries places to rest,run,hide or shelter and lots of hidden treasures that dreams are made of to be discovered!

Loughcrew gardens now offer guided walks for small children. A walk in Loughcrew Gardens where children can play nature games, are taught to recognize common trees and how they change throughout the seasons their fruits and any insects that happen by. This simple stroll can lay the foundation for a lifetime of enchantment through awareness of the natural world. (Irish Times August 2013)

Adults €6
Children €3

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Look what I found!
Look what I found!