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Loughcrew Adventure Summer Camps 2016

It’s that time of the year again. School is finishing up which means that you’re going to have to put up with a lot of “I’m bored, what can I do”. You want them to get out and play like we did when we were their age but games consoles and TV make it a constant struggle. There’s only so many times you can kick a ball up against a wall, play hide and seek, make mud pies and play on the swings. So what about sending them to a summer camp for a few days?

GAA Cul Camps and FAI Soccer Camps are often a good call to get the children out for a few days, they’re well run, they’re reasonably priced, the kids get some nice bags to bring home with them but what if your children don’t like sport? What if they’re bored of training every week? What if you want them to develop their communication skills and help them conquer their fears?

The solution to all these questions is Loughcrew Adventure Summer Camps.

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At Loughcrew we limit the numbers (about 25) in each summer camp to ensure that we can give adequate attention to everyone who attends. The advantage of this is by the end of the camp, each child will know every other child in their group. They’ll get loads of goes on each activities and they won’t have to wait around for long. The children will be led by our experienced instructors, who possess years of training in adventure activities as well as first aid training. We have a 1:10 ratio of instructors to children.

One of the major advantages of doing a Loughcrew summer camp is learning to conquer your fears. We support and challenge children to engage in activities high off the ground such as rock climbing and zip lining as well as activities surrounding water such as our crannog challenge and raft building, increasing children’s confidence in the process.

For details of activities and prices see the image below.

Summer Camp


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