Loughcrew Gardens, Oldcastle, Co. Meath, Ireland
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Loughcrew Adventure Course

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Are you looking for the best possible club trips in Ireland, then Loughcrew Adventure Course is the place for you.

It is vital for team spirit and morale to be high, no matter what part of the season your club is currently in. Be it preseason, off-season or crunch season we here at Loughcrew can offer something different for you.

The Westmeath hurling team recently paid us a visit
The Westmeath hurling team enjoyed their time with us in June 2015

If you are currently engaged in off-season why not treat your participants to a reward for all the hard work, determination and time they put in during the season. This shows encouragement to your players and helps them prepare for the year ahead.

Preseason is arguably the most important part of the year for any team, as it is here that you set down your benchmark for the year ahead and it is during the preseason that it is vital to get the fundamentals right. By bringing your players to Loughcrew you are helping to cement the comradery of your players and giving them a stepping stone upon which you can build your year on.

If you are currently in the middle of your season, then bring you players to Loughcrew to give them a chance to recuperate, and treat them to a little bit of fun. Our team building activities encourage team mates to communicate better, instill leadership qualities, improve team cooperation and fine-tune time management – all vital components of successful teams.

For your club trip we can alter the schedule to focus on team building, just having fun or a combination of both.

We have based a massive part of our course on the fundamentals of team work and team building, which is a key component in the success of any team or club. For more details regarding our team building activities check out the Forest Crystal Maze, Witches Ropes Course and Crannog Challenge.