Loughcrew Gardens, Oldcastle, Co. Meath, Ireland
Tel: +353 49 854 1356 / 49 854 1060

Loughcrew Adventure Course


Test your wit, determination, gut and not to mention all your other senses as you take on one of the most nerve wrecking and exhilarating adventure course activities in Ireland.

As you are taking on our Nightline course, you follow a mystery rope single file through our forest. It may seem simple but adventure course activities don’t come much more challenging than this as you must walk through shin high mud trenches, crawl on your hands and knees through mud tunnels, slipping and sliding with ever step you take.

Still sounds easy? This however is not all, you are going through our nightline course blindfolded with only a rope as your guide to safety. Don’t forget to hold onto the rope at all times otherwise you could be crawling aimlessly into the hearth of the forest.

Nightline Walk

The quicker you move through the course the sooner you are likely to finish the course and the less likely you are to get stuck in the mud. But be careful and make sure to feel in front of you as you go, otherwise you will walk into trees and slip and slide along through the trenches.

The nightline course involves mud and water, a spare set of clothes and shoes are essential as well as a towel.

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