Loughcrew Gardens, Oldcastle, Co. Meath, Ireland
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Loughcrew Adventure Course

Forest Crystal Maze

Our Forest Crystal Maze is at the heart of our team building course. It houses some of the finest and most challenging team building activities in Ireland, for you and your group to try and accomplish as effectively and efficiently as you possibly can.

The tasks to be completed in the Forest Crystal Maze are both physical and mental tasks and vary with different levels of difficulty and leadership styles required.

LinkedIn on the Team Building Course
LinkedIn on the Team Building Course

Some of our tasks a part of this course include:

Brain Teasers – Think together to figure out the answers to our questions.

Spider’s Web – Help one another to safety through the Spider’s Web without anyone getting stuck.

Stepping Stones – Balance in unity to make your way down the steps and to the finish.

Mirror Image – Work in harmony to get everyone from one side to the other without touching the ground.

One at a Time – Communicate to move the tyres and complete the brainteaser as quickly as possible.


The Kings Finger – This activity involves great planning and team work to remove a tire from an 11 foot pole!

Nail Balance – Work together to freely balance 12 nails on top of a single nail, using only the nails provided.

Throughout our Forest Crystal Maze it is clear to see a number of different aspects of team building being shown by those taking part.

There is a real emphasis put on:

  • Team Work
  • Leadership
  • Conflict Handling
  • Time Management
  • Co-ordination