Loughcrew Gardens, Oldcastle, Co. Meath, Ireland
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Loughcrew Adventure Course

Crannóg Challenge

Finish your day off, with trying to make your way to the island in the centre of our pond. There are a total of 5 different ways to get to the safety of dry land, many of which require the use of team work once more.

Try to cross the burnt bridge in pairs, all your body instincts will tell you to pull away from your partner but the easiest and best way to cross is to rely on one another.

Burnt Bridge

You can Zip your way across but make sure you run fast and hard enough though as otherwise you can easily get stuck in the middle and unfortunately there is no way out except in. If you do make it across, it’s a scary feeling looking as you glide just inches above the surface of the water.

Crannóg Challenge - Zipline

Stepping stones is another activity that requires the use of your team, get everybody from one side to the other with the use of just 3 planks and a number of different steps dotted across the pond, beware all the distances are different so only certain planks will fit.

Stepping Stones

You can try and get your own way to the island by using ropes and barrels and trying to construct your very own raft, but be ready incase your handy work falls apart as you will end up in the pond.

Hen Being Carried

For Hen & Stag parties the party must build a stretcher, out of ropes and logs) to carry the Hen/Stag through the pond to the island. The Hen/Stag has no say in the building of the stretcher and must rely on there friends not to drop them in the water.

All these activities have a high possibility of getting wet so a towel and spare clothes and shoes are recommended.