Loughcrew Gardens, Oldcastle, Co. Meath, Ireland
Tel: +353 49 854 1356 / 49 854 1060

Loughcrew Adventure Course

Assault Course

Assault CourseJust as you think your day is coming to an end, you finish off the Loughcrew Adventure Course with one of the most marvellous and challenging assault courses in Ireland.

Test who is the fittest and strongest by running and crawling as fast as you can from the start line to the finish of our Megalithic Man Assault Course! Start off by making your way through our forest assault challenges. Next climb down into our trench towards the first of our trench tyre challenges, all seems simple up to this point, that is of course until you meet the mud and water, crawl/run as fast as you can through it(the faster you move the less chance there is of you getting stuck), until you meet the second set of tyres, crawl across the top (throw yourself across and you land face first in the muddy water the far side), where you will be glad to know the finish line is within site but not before you have to brace yourself to crawl under the bridge and then run again to our finish line.

Our assault course will challenge your energy, speed, determination and commitment because once you start there is no going back and the quicker you move the less likely it is that you are going to get stuck in the assault course and left behind by your fellow competitors.

Assault Course - Tyres

Our assault course requires getting very muddy and wet, a spare set of clothes and shoes are essential as well as a towel.