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Murder Mystery Night

Looking for a fun, different and exhilarating way to spend a night in Loughcrew House?

Then why not have yourself a murder mystery night, and solve the murder of Loughcrew!! A suspecting victim will fall foul to a horrendous crime, it is your job to uncover the clues and weed out the killer.

This is a fun way of breaking the ice be it a Hen Party, Birthday, Group get-together or perhaps a corporate event!

The most enjoyable part is that, its that the mystery is not carried out by others, every guest becomes a character and has their own mystery to solve as well as the mystery of who committed the murder.

What’s more is that Loughcrew House is an ideal location for this event, built in the 1850’s and decorated as was in this time period, adds additional flair and anticipation to the night, with lots of different rooms where the β€œmurder” may have taken place.

Costumes are optional, however we strongly recommend that you were them as it adds to the feel and fun of the night.

Everyone must figure out who committed the crime for themselves …… trust no one!!

This can be enjoyed around dinner or as a stand alone event during the day or evening while you are staying in Loughcrew House.

Murder Mystery Night

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